Sunday , 1 May 2016
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Corrosion Protection and Prevention with Aluminum Nanoparticle Coating

A patent application has been filed by Nano Labs Corp. for a nano coating designed for corrosion protection and prevention. This coating will protect against corrosion caused by moisture, oils, fuels and other chemicals by forming an aluminized layer on top of whatever it is coating. In a way, this coating pushes, so to speak, the micro- and nano-sized aluminum particles to the outer layer of the coating which makes it so effective in preventing corrosion.

“This new invention is a technology-oriented protection against the corrosion phenomena taking place in the global oil industry. It has historically been characterized by high corrosion activity in all stages of production, transportation and processing. In this industry, corrosive wear determines the duration and fail-safety of equipment, the duration of overhaul periods, and the expenses of equipment and repairs. The losses caused by corrosion not only include the loss of metal mass but also the loss of equipment functionality. Our coating method, wherein the pre-polymer gives insulating protection against moisture, oil, fuel and other chemicals, presents a unique protective layer against corrosion and other physical and chemical threats affecting pipelines. Further to this, many current products on the market today use unacceptable materials such as chromium salts, which in some countries have become restricted because chromium is highly toxic and a proven carcinogen. Our solution provides an alternative, environment-friendly solution to cope with corrosion in the oil industry,” said Dr. Castano, Chief Research and Innovations Officer at Nano Labs.

Mr. Bernardo Camacho, the President of Nano Labs states, “Every year, billions of dollars are spent on capital replacement and control methods for corrosion infrastructure. Preventing corrosion is crucial to protecting the environment and the economy. We believe we have a unique and innovative solution that can help address both these issues.”

Future plans are being made to make this coating more accessible and easily produced so that it can be mass marketed – especially to companies that have such a high demand for things like this. Potentially, this coating could be used on air and gas tanks, such as the nitrous oxide tanks used in dentists offices, to prevent “air-fires” and explosions.”


Information:   Nanolabs

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