About Us

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is referred to as the manipulation of matter on the atomic or molecular scale.  In order for a specific technology to be classified as “nanotechnology”, at least one of its dimension must be within the range of 1-100 nano-meters.

There are numerous fields of technology that are benefiting from the development of nanotechnology. Manipulation at the nano-scale is helping scientists discover and invent new material properties, experimental procedures and methods of fabrication. From an economist standpoint, nanotechnology is also being noticed as a great market opportunity.

The Nanotech etc. Goal

We at Nanotech etc. believe that nanotechnology may help to promote a positive and safe future.  By informing readers about recent nanotechnology news, we don’t only want to educate the public but also inspire them.

The Nanotech etc. goal is to report stories to readers in a diligent manner.  Some of the concepts that are summarized in our articles may at times be difficult to understand because of their technical content.  Although, we strive to make our articles as simple as possible.

Types Of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a broad field of study which applies to many disciplines.

For purposes of simplicity, this site categorizes magnetic, optic and electronic nanotechnology into the discipline of Nanoelectronics.

Nanomaterials includes nanostructures, carbon structures, fabrics, polymers and any other mechanically/geometrically dependent materials.

Nanobiotechnology encompasses any nanotechnology which is applied to biological applications.

Other categories include Events, Media, Ethics & Policy.