What Is A Nanoscientist?

Nanoscientist: Education And Skills Needed For The Job

What can a nanoscientist do? Nanoscience is a fairly new branch of the physical sciences and is excellent for scientists who wish to concentrate on the small details. Nanoscientists often concentrate on the industrial or engineering fields, pure research, or medical nanotechnology.

Biomolecules are nanomachines of nature. In biological nanosciences, multidisciplinary research takes place with molecular and cell biology, physics, and chemistry resources to address the secrets of biological systems down to the atomic level.…

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Nanoelectronics Is Improving Many Aspects Of Our Lives

The area of consumer electronics has seen a deep impact from nanotechnology or one might call it nanoelectronics. Smaller and faster devices enabled by nanoscale features are made viable by improvements in material properties and processing techs. Super-hydrophobic coatings add to the water-resistant properties of phones.

Carbon nanotube-based electronics which are resistant to radiation have been operated on space missions. Quantum dots are used in flat-screen televisions. However, the most exciting advances in nanoelectronics are still under development! Nanotechnology will enable new ways to store and manipulate data, and flexible electronic equipment will be commonplace.…

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Nanotechnology used to improve smart phones

New Nanotechnology Improves Fabrication For Electronic Products

Fabrication involves manufacturing or developing processes to make electronic products and other related components. The fabrication process is usually complicated and costly, now there is hope that nanotechnology in electronics can help lower cost.

However, the demand for electronic devices continues to grow to imply the need for improved methods of development.

Against this background, the researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have discovered a new fabricating process in the production of semiconductors. The fabrication process is efficient, and it also has many other benefits.

Apart from silicon, there are also other materials that are useful in the development of semiconductors. These materials can also improve the performance of various electronic devices.

The new fabrication method is called I-MacEtch also known as the inverse metal-assisted chemical etching process.  The new method comes against the background of rising demand for …

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Nanoelectronics Within Modern Technology

The Potential For Growth In Nanoelectronics Within Modern Technology

Nanotechnology is the way forward for many industries. The key to the improved technology is to go smaller. Smaller means less space required, less power, greater convenience and more. Therefore, nano applications are now seen more and more in different areas.

Nanotechnology is of keen interest in medical and military applications because of those benefits. In addition to these, many countries are investing in nanoelectronics.

There is a strong desire for increased development in molecular and nano electronics. These applications can improve networks and form whole new devices on a microscopic scale. There is even the chance to use this tech to improve the way that we create future nanotech.…

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nanotech and drones

Nanotech To Boost Capabilities of Agriculture Drones

There is a more practical, accessible, and fun side to this nanotech world. Nanotechnology is being used in the drone/UAV industry to expand capabilities and reduce costs.

According to BestDroneForTheJob, drones and UAVs are being used today to increase productivity and reduce costs in a variety of industries including mining, real estate, agriculture, and aerial surveying

When people think of the intersection between nanotech and drones, they probably picture tiny little devices flying around like bugs on battlegrounds or running around your body –  like mechanical mosquitoes injecting into your bloodstream. This thinking is mostly still sci-fi used to scare people.

In the real world, nanotech is being used far more widely in the drone industry to reduce weight, to extend flight times and to make these useful robot helpers work harder – for us.

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Nanotechnology in Electronics

Recent Developments In Nanotechnology And Wireless Electronics For Retinal Prosthesis

Retina implant technology attempts to restore the function of the light-activated cells found in the retina by implanting microelectronics and microchip electrodes surgically into the retina.

Nanovision Biosciences Inc. a start up based in La Jolla recently collaborated with engineers from the University of California San Diego with the aims of advancing research on restoring the ability of damaged neurons on the retina to respond to light.

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